Pearls from the Skeptic Oslerphile.

Well, anybody out there just starting out on a blog, like I am, here are some wise words from Dr. Scepticemic himself –

1. find a less distracting theme. too much going on in the background distracts me from the reads. i am pro minimalism when it comes to blog design.
2. make a schedule and blog. once a week should be good enough.
3. add an email subscription widget and a twitter stream on the side bars so that people can find out what you are up to.
4. update the about page. we all wanna know more about you. and come on, it looks a little lazy (and not to say, spammy) if you leave this page unedited.
5. read and comment on more popular blogs in your niche. that will get you some readers.

Happy blogging people!


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